BigCityGamer's First Post

Hello! I am BigCityGamer! I am here to see what interesting things people do here! I do not have a JTAGable Xbox, but I am interested in modding saves! Most of the time, you will see me on Uplay, playing Watch_Dogs (My favorite PC game of all-time), but I am also on Steam, however, my name is invisible, so don’t bother looking for me. BTW, I LOVE the Ratchet & Clank game series on Playstation. Noone here knows what it is, because you are all xbox gamers. (No offense) Anyway, the only 2 games I have for my Xbox right now are Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata. If anyone wants to chat just, well, chat with me! Thanks for introducing me everyone!

Welcome to HorizonMB BigCityGamer!

We’re not all just Xbox gamers man, many of us have many different systems and play on PC/Steam as well.
Get active, you’ll enjoy it around here.

Thanks! Like I said, I won’t be xbox gaming much, but I will still visit here to check on some interesting hacks.

Cool. There are some DRM free arcade games and DLC you can add with Horizon and a configured flash drive. I will PM you a link.

Would I get banned for it? Plus, I have a question. Can I make custom gamertag pics with this app?

Adding DRM free files is completely safe. I’m not sure about making custom GT pics but you can download pic packs with Horizon.

Ok, thanks!

Hello and welcome mate…
I hope you stay active and enjoy your stay!
Don’t be scared to ask if you need help, always someone around to offer a hand.