Bind shortcut with a controller?

Hi guys, I just installed wemod today. And I would like to know if its still possible to add shortcut to activate a “cheat” with a button on a xbox controller. I’ve seen that was possible before, and they add it to the “pro version” and finally it was possible again to use it for free. But when I try to bind something with my controller it didnt work. I’ve seen with the pro version we can use our phone, but what about controller? If someone can help me it would be nice :slight_smile: Thanks

PS : Sorry for my english, its not my main langage

Hi @jawa4 and welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, binding an Xbox button to a cheat within a trainer is not possible. Only keyboard keys can be bound to cheats. I also fail to see the advantage of using Xbox controller binds since if you’re using a controller to play a game, then you’re likely to toggle one or more cheats while normally playing unless you use keyboard/mouse to play the game.

Sorry to bring bad news, but Windows doesn’t natively recognize an Xbox controller as an input device for what you’re trying to do :slightly_smiling_face:

Sup guys, I have a completely different problem. When I press “B” on my xbox joystick, my binds turn on, how can I turn it off?