BIOMUTANT Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Needs an Origin Trainer!


From what i tested the steam version of the table should work with the origin version of the game

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I had tried yesterday and it didn’t work, did you launch it in a special way?

Just checked and confirmed every mod works on Origin version, just set the location to your Origin Biomutant exe file.

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Can there be Automatic Parade?

Steam version of the trainer does work with the EA/Origin version of the game.

Hello friends of customizable games!

Im looking for a way to balance the given and received damage.
Could you please give us the option to modify the enemys damage independently?

The only possibility right now, to achieve the wanted gameplay, is by setting a damage multiplier and lowering the characters vitality. Or is there a better way?

Does the damage multiplier effect the enemys damage aswell? I havent purchased the pro version yet, and cant find out if this application fulfills my needs.

Thank you for your work and im looking forward to buy my membership, even if id prefer to spend a fixed amount for this game only. Sadly thats not an option.

Update needed


All of the mod options are working for me after the new Biomutant Update

Is this trainer in the works for the xbox game pass (Windows) version? Unfortunately this trainer does not translate to the game pass version.

The unlimited resources mod can’t be toggled off when activated. it stays on and resources won’t decrease when using them (Steam).

I can toggle it off. About the resource not decreasing, it probably because the resources can stack beyond 99. I am guessing Fling use 999 or more as unlimited number.

Can we have super loot chance like the one in Borderlands 3 trainer please?

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Thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile:
Trainer developers are limited by what the game allows them to create cheats for. It depends on things like how the game was coded.

The trainer developer will take your suggestion on board, of course. And hopefully it is possible to do and makes it into an update. But I’d just like to point out that just because a cheat exists for one game, that doesn’t mean it’s possible (or as easy to make) in another different game. So comparing cheats from a different trainer for a different game doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

Steam works great just hit the fix link it to BIOMUTANT.EXE in the game folder

can we have a trainer for EA?

mainly all you need to do is add the exe file i even got darkest dungeons with the cheats working