Bionic Commando under Horizon


Upload a savegame and I will check it out


Here is a file: (301.3 KB)

You were right, this tool is confusing. For god mode, find out what health is called and then just increase the value to something much higher (semi-god mode).

I have never played this game so I don’t know what everythings called. Though it looks like it would be easy to figure out what some of the settings are for if you have played the game enough.

**–>**You should look for a save game with 149 collectibles collected, by picking the last one the achievement should pop up.
**–>**Disclaimer: thats how achievements in PC platform work most of the time, i would say is the same in xbox.

Maybe this one?

I just downloaded it and read the included read me and it sounds like what you’re looking for.

You will need to register to down load it.

Or just use this link:

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