Bioshock Infinite Editor

Note: Open full STFS file… Released. Added backup function.

Download :!xFgk3CBA!SepN6UHcpEU9H8aPCenF-Rw6xgVErK2WfZc3b1HGFX0
Scanned : Bioshock.exe - Jotti’s malware scan

Note: yes i am iH8 Fr0st!!!

Thank you for this. If it works.

no problem

Thanks. I’ll be testing this out when I get around to playing the actual game :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean by Open full STFS file?

just tried it on a couple of my saves and it doesn’t work

this editor is a corrupter of saves…

editor might work for everyone. Bioshock is a pain to mod seeing thats its always compressed. Always make a backup

Too bad editor doesn’t work

Woah, this can edit 2 int’s? Great job man, 10/10.

Yes, Working…Only then do it right.

Here’s the proof, I am connected to Xbox Live.

Uploaded with

Tested it out works perfectly fine! Great Job Man!

Whenever I load up my save, my game freezes. Anyone got any tips or helpful ideas? I’ve tried maxing both stats, then only adding a little bit, etc.

this editor is a corrupter of saves.

try lowering the stats and im working on a

Whoever said this works is obviously a moron. It doesnt work, simple as that. You have to decompress the first block correctly and rebuild it and recompress it rite which this tool doesnt.

pretty easy tool to use…

makes the 2nd playthrough of Bioshock even better when you can buy everything

incompetent developer imo

Like to see you try and do better.

hey can anyone help me with this? even if i put one extra picklock on my game freezes when loading the game :anguished: