Bioshock Infinite Issue

I am trying to launch BioShock infinite however it keeps crashing on opening. I’m thinking it’s because Steam keeps making this window pop up. The window just asks if I want to play the game or launch this other program.

Is there any way around this? I’m assuming this is what’s causing the issue, as I can launch the game normally outside of Infinity…

Have you gone through this “guidelines” thread as well, posted by @STN? Check the link given below.

Is Bioshock Infinite the ONLY game which crashes on your rig, or even other games ?

Make sure to run Infinity, and the Game as an ADMIN. Which OS do you have (32/64 bit)? Is the game fully patched ? Which version is it ?

For the time being, also disable and close any GPU monitoring tool like FRAPS, MSI AB, Evga PrecisionX, GPU tweak, STEAM overlay etc., just to name a few… Disable any AntiVirus as well, for the time being.

Did you first launch and open Infinity, and then the game, or vice versa ?

I did attempt the fix on the guidelines. The other game I have is working perfectly fine.

The game also works by itself, so it’s not the game.

I’m really thinking it’s because this window pops up from Steam asking if I want to play Bioshock Infinite or launch this utility thing.

Launch the trainer after you have started the game.

Do as @snake said. Launch the game yourself then attach infinity. I don’t know what error infinity gave you so no idea if its a privileges issue or corrupted trainer download