Blac ops zombies kino der toten

help can i still mod zombies on black ops 1 … just need the usb mod how do i get it please have media fire and horizonmb… profile is on usb can do every things else but no official release mod please help

cheers size 9 feet

Ok… you could do this like 5 years ago but… here is a link for what you need.

Made a thread about this earlier.

btw I know this is a bit off topic but is kino der toten a free map ?

Kino der Toten comes with Black Ops. Not sure if you were thinking of Nacht der Untoten, but that’s a DLC map.

does black ops 1 even have dlc ?

Yes, every Call of Duty has had DLC.

but when u look up black ops on xbox store there is none is it only pop up in the game or what?

All dlc is available via the in game menu or by purchasing the separate dlc pav will link you shortly

It’s listed.