Black and White 2 +BoTG

There are free versions of it out there why not add it into Wemod to be safe from virus and spyware at this point. I agree that popularity plays a role but I mean if its been popular enough for people like a previous poster and myself to save the game discs all this time I dont see why we cant create a poll at the very least to see if it can be popular enough to be added to the list.

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Polls are a laughably terrible way of getting votes for trainers. Wemod has millions of users but only a very small fraction of them visit the forum, and that’s usually to get help and support with issues. Aside from that, poll votes are easily abused and faked thanks to the existence of both VPNs and mobile networks. Polls should only ever be used for “just for fun, don’t take this seriously” discussions, nothing more. There’s a reason why you don’t actually see many polls in serious forum communities anywhere on the internet anymore, and when you do finally see one, 999 out of 1,000 it’s just a “for fun” poll.

WeMod automatically detects how many of its millions of members have each game, so we already know it’s number of currently active players in the community. So, again, a poll changes nothing, it’s pointless collecting inaccurate and easily abused data when we already have accurate and impossible-to-abuse data.

  • Black & White 2 is nearly 17 years old. Not only has the player base moved on, but it is also not built to work flawlessly on the latest, modern and technologically advanced PCs.
  • Black & White 2 is also no longer available to purchase. You will need the digital version of the game for a trainer to inject into flawlessly, not the disc version.
  • I have no idea what BoTG is. Do not abbreviate games - only you know what you’re talking about, especially since many games today share the same abbreviation.

Sorry but we are going to have to go with what the majority want and are playing - WeMod automatically collects this data. Focusing on games that aren’t only not popular with WeModders, but also aren’t even possible to buy anymore, is an uneconomical use of WeMod’s time and money. And tends to anger the many players of games that actually are current and popular.

See this recent post here to learn more about how trainers get made: Deathloop Trainer Request - #3 by Ravenfyre