Black flag monney not working

Iam having trouble with infinity’s Assassins creed black flag trainer i can not seem to use the money cheat is there any thing i can do i just got to havana for the first time and is there any thing i have to do to get this to work?

Buy or sell something

Thank you ill try this ill post again if it doesnt work oh BTW i uninstalled completely and reinstalled I had also lost the ability to change the keys it works now welp im off to go try this out also i suggest adding some additional info for the cheats that wonk’t work unnless a cercumstance is true

Can’t beleive i got a response from a creator tnx
you must be prety cative

Ummm i just tried once more and i went to buy some smoke bombs but when i tried again it failed i need more details so i know if im doing something wrong

Nevermind got it to work YAY

Yes stn is cative , you should see his eyes :smiley_cat:

i gotta new question how does the infinite resorces work im prety sure it is for the ship cargo but i dont know also if that is the case how do i use it

new problem cant telll if it is just my pc but most of the time when i use the pistols my game crashes it seems to only do it if i have the any of the pistol modifyers whats worng or does it need fixed