Black flag new issue

so after i figured out how to use the money cheat i found 2 more issues well 1 issue and one question one when i run cheats if i try to chain shots the game crashes so that might need fixed and then i rlly want to know what unlimited resources does and if it just removes loosing any rescources if this is the case could you add a way to increase resources pleas and tnx

It gives you unlimited of the resources like rum, wood, clothes etc…

I forgot if you had the uplay version?

ahh just re found dis umm well i have uplay ver and steam though there combined so theres nothiung i can do also i used cheat engine and can have infinite recourses just by doit my self :smiley: just to let you know recently my games have started crashing if i use cheats it did so on payday to and now i have a reson to beleive infinity is coausing crashes could you look into this pls as it has been interupting my gaming tnx oh and pls add a fast traval thing for all locations cheat tnx it could help me a lot

Well you either have uplay or steam version they are not combined !
And if you have uplay version thats probably why it crashes need the steam version of the game
Infinity is not causing crashes your games are the reason

Post about payday 2 in the trainer thread. I have nothing to do with that.

so i mesed up i though infinity crashed my payday 2 but it was stuipidity
i uh used it before going into ofline so yeah sorry and no
no crashes but ASSASINSCREED QUICK CRASHING UGH any way no need to wory
im done