Black Ops 1 (PC) Crashing When Launching Through Infinity - FIX?

I’ve used Infinity to launch and mod a few of my PC games and so far they have all worked great.

However, when trying to launch Black Ops 1 through Infinity, it starts up and mid-way through the opening credits (approx. 5 seconds after clicking launch) it just crashes out. The next time I attempt to start Black Ops, it asks if I would like to do so in ‘safe mode’. No matter which option I choose, it still crashes. If I launch directly from Steam, Black Ops works a charm but I can’t use the mods.
Is this an issue that can be fixed? I’d really like to be able to have a mess around in Zombies (SP or Co-op) with mods.

Thanks for taking the time to read over my issue.

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Try loading the trainer after you have loaded a mission. The Call of Duty games have an anti-cheat system that crashes the game with trainers.


I have a cracked version with anti cheats (don’t ask why it’s kinda meh but anyways)

The only way to avoid it is by loading into a mission before pressing “start game”, it will be followed by a LONG loading time (at least for me) but it will work after and even if you continue to the next mission.


Thanks for your quick responses, Mikango and unknown_v2.

Followed your instructions and got it all sorted.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:


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