Black ops 1

hi im after someone who has already a copy of a modded version of zombies were and how do
i get this from as i can not see it on horizon i have been playing with people
online who directed me to this site but its a headache sorting all this out:thumbsup:;):smiley:

1] No ISO mods are available for this game.
2] USB mods are available but only for offline mode.
3] If you have an RGH/JTAG (Modded 360) you can get mod menus, -> Wonโ€™t work on unmodded retail.

There is an online way to do it but itโ€™s very long and not worth just having no-clip lol.

i have successfully located a flash mod for black ops 1

follow the link it works just follow and LISTEN to the instructions

you can do it online with a USB aswell

There is a good link use it for the Mods download for mods activator 1 2 and 3

With the savegame

thanks guys much appreciated good gaming guys :smile::thumbsup: