Black Ops - 15th Prestige Online [AFTER PATCH]


How to get your Combat Training Rank Online!
Before we go on, Credits go to : Muh Little Pwny, iiXeX v2 HD,

-14th Prestige Level 49 on Combat Training
-Strict NAT Type
-Modded Files
-xBox 360

  • Friends
  • Atleast 400 Games Played [for Legitness]
  • Atleast 3 days played [for Legitness]


Another note: You need to download and have this file ready in a xbox formatted usb.
Put the file in the usb and just wait until further instructed.

Step 1
Get you and 5 other friends in a Party
( atleast 2 other friends need to have Strict Nat type, haven’t tested moderate )

Step 2
Tell them to go to Edit Playercard

Step 3
Switch to Combat Training and change the players to 6 and 6 so its even team members

Step 4
Dashboard and play Black Ops again

Step 5
Invite everyone back to a theater game

Step 6
Quickly switch from theater to player match until your friends get the black screen or some type of lag or loading symbol. Do it atleast 20 times and tell them to back out to Multiplayer Menu (if no black screen appeared it’s ok move on)

Step 7
Tell them to go to LOCAL>SYSTEM LINK

Step 8
Now back out and start a Combat Training game and invite them to play

Step 9
Now make sure everyone is in and play for about 20 seconds

Step 10
Now you need to back out and quickly go to player match

Step 11
[Now this is where it gets kind of complicated] Once your here you need to start up a game online with just your friends. There are many ways to do this so im not going into detail. Once everyone is in get 1 kill and back out.

Step 12
Now go to the multiplayer menu and go to options and make sure auto start for multiplayer is on (it’s on the bottom)

Step 13
Make sure your friends are still in that game you left!
Now sign out and turn off your xbox. You got 10 min to do this because that Game will end and you CAN NOT LET IT END.

Step 14
Now you need your usb with the modded file in it.
Put it in your xbox and start it up.

Step 15
Play Black Ops and go to Combat Training and play 1 game for like 10 seconds

Step 16
MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS GAME IS NOT OVER! If the game ended then you need to take out the usb and redo the entire thing.
QUICKLY tell your friends to invite you to that online game!

Step 17
Get 1 kill and now your rank is set
Back out and tell everyone to back out

Step 18
Tell your friend to invite you to a player match
Edit your Playercard

Step 19
Tell him to switch to combat training and start a game, again play for about 10 seconds

Step 20
Back out and restart Black Ops

Step 21
Walla, you are now 15th Prestige Level 1 [Online]
You can delete that file and take out the usb now.


Seems like a lot of work for a number that you will probably just get reset at.

wow that sucks im already 15th combat

Does this actually work
Seem bit to complicated

im going to try this but try shorting it a lil lolz. and see if works

Almost as much as getting it legit.

If you aren’t 14th lvl 49, can you still do it?

damn this is WAY to complicated…

Took 4 times.
Did it!

whats a .rtf file have to do with black ops are you meant to randomly just put it in any dir?as if its true and seems like a ****load of work just to be banned??

How the **** can you find this **** out really lol.
You must sit there trying this **** all day everyday, no offence lol.

And you can’t do 15 prestiges in 3 days lol.
5 to 7.5 days would be legit if you’re a MLG. 3 days is just asking for a ban/reset lol.

And the absolute minimum amount of games to reach 15TH prestige is around 630. That would be 28000XP per search and destroy game for 42 games per prestige. Which is getting EVERY kill, EVERY plant/defuse.


40572 seconds/676.2 minutes/11.27 hours/0.469583333 days = 42 search and destroy games.
608580 seconds/10143 minutes/169.05 hours/7.04375 days = 630 search and destroy games.

That would be the statistics if you played a search and destroy round for 2.30 minutes without counting the bomb plant timer. Obviously a round will not always last 2.30 minutes. So we’ll work out a rough average. The average is around half of the actual around time so that will be about 1 minute. So lets do some more math.

17640 seconds/294 minutes/4.9 hours/0.204166667 days = 42 average search and destroy games.
264600 seconds/4410 minutes/73.5 hours/3.0625 days = 630 average search and destroy games.

So you’re going to need to play 630 games, with one minute MAXIMUM per round, for 7 rounds, getting all the kills, all the plants and defuses then you would be 15TH prestige level 50 in 3.0625 days.

Which is absolutely impossible, legit.
Even a booster would find this near-to-impossible because you can’t vote for nuketown more than twice.

So 3 days would result in ban/reset in my book, if Treyarch were smart.

hope this works and wont equal a reset

lol i love how on step 11 he puts “Ok this is where it gets complicated”, really?

i cant do this i am only level 50 in combat training you cant prestige no more.:frowning:

All true, I’m a 14th in MLG in 7.5 days. :anguished: Usually 80 and 10 K/D a game and being a tryhard of course :wink:

Where does the .rtf file go on the menory stick?

can someone verify this?

I think i will pass on doing it as i am 16 prestige lvl 19 in ct

Way to complicated at will get you reset. There is no way in hell you can get 15th in 3 days of online play. I have 2 days and I’m only 3rd prestige. Don’t waste your time on this.

This is not worth it at all.