Black Ops 15th Prestige Patch

Black Ops 15th Prestige Patch Working. I have had this awhile, didn’t want to release until someone one TTG released it first, anyways here you go:

15th Patch

Quote from the maker of this patch:

[details=Open Me]

The 15th Prestige Works Online (NOT SYSTEM LINK)!
I hope you Enjoy the Patch!
so here you go!
I have currently hosted 2 lobbies, but u get banned in like 10 minutes cuz microsoft is gay, so if u want me to host, i need donators for KV!

To Reset Lobby press, left left, X, Y
Need Help ? aim: ateter3
IN ORDER FOR ThIS TO WORK, MUST HAVE TU2 UPDATED! To update TU2 EASY WAY, Plug in jtag hdd to ur Reg xbox and update, and go to multiplayer and update, then ur TU2 Will be updated!
What it has,
-unlimited ammo
-super speed
-super jump
-super melee
-15th Prestige (ONLY WORKS ONLINE)


Second Patch: Here.

Proven to work by me.

Don’t forget to press thanks!

Thanks Bro!

Theres a button lol. But anyways no problem.

Wonder how long it will take before you get your rank reset and you get banned from playing?

can anyone confirm this?

hey can you get me i can only spare 14 cents. every penny counts right lol sry its all i got in my paypal

I’m not sure, its like how Treyarch says that they were going to reset everyone that did the prestige glitch but they never did so idk.

You disappoint, Josh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, thanks for the release! This will be big!

Can you system link this?



Well, I didn’t release it before the “Public Release” so it would have been a matter of minutes before someone else would have posted it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks :smiley:

ill rent a lobby .
For 1 Hour.
for 35.00
Please send me a reponse on xbox
is my gt.


Ill contact you.

Is there ANY confirmation that this works?

when would u be able too host it bro. im welling to pay 35.00 for a couple of my friends.
I’ll allow u invite a couple people.

If it didn’t work it would have been closed. So GTFO.
Stop trolling. :thumbsup:

Thanks Man, Now Who Wants To Host? :smiley:

Posted already my friend.

No :smiley:

Will definitly try this somtime soon… good post man