Black Ops 2 Campaign mod?

Alright, for starters I’m obviously a newbie so let me get down to business.
Black Ops 2 is the first and only CoD I own, currently, and I’m an achievement hunter. So I was wondering where I can find an up-to-date mod that still works to help me nail down the mission specific assignments things. As some of them are just a pain to do normally.

But before I ask for links, I don’t want any JTAG stuff. I’m not planning to full on mod/flash my console, only to my gamesaves. So if anyone can link me one, that’d be real nice.

Cheers :smiley:

P.S. Either explain or link on how to mod the gamesaves, as I have no idea what I’m doing just yet.

Try using “BlackOps2SaveEditor” by Unknown (Horizon Dev). Open you gamesave and add some dvars to tweek some settings like health and ammo ect… Hopefully making the game easier to complete.

I don’t think Infinite health works on Bo2, so you can still die on story mode, but you can take a lot more damage.