Black Ops 2 - Create/Lock Lobbies Online Create Custom Lobbies online - Boosting

Another great glitch trickz, keep it up!

This was posted already. Not with a video tutorial though.
Nice video

This also works with league play just tried it but dont have enough people to invite as it locks it in for a few seconds but then people start joining that or i get pulled in to join someone not sure :expressionless:.

Are you,sure your Doing it right

whats the point of this can you boost with friends or are there bots

You boost with friends only if you fill the lobby

awesome nice find then

Its very good if you want to complete challenges

anyone hosting any lobbies?

EDIT: nvm not even lv47 yet for the TI

the viseo is private

It’s also over a year old!

can u make it to where i can view video?