Black Ops 2 early gameplay [Post if you get banned]

Post here if you played online and got banned, and if it’s profile/console/both.

I might be starting a system link lobby.

Why the hell would you play a leaked game online?

Ill be taking it online. No way for them to tell the difference if ripped properly, and the game is in stores. I know this because i work at a retail store and our electronics department got blops 2 in a few days ago.

Is there camoes in the game? I don’t see any?

System Link? Online? What? Confused.

For those who aren’t going online.

I’m getting stuck on “awaiting textures” on the zombies mode.

Local bots is good enough for me, Dem bots be smart

someone got baned he posted on the black ops 2 forum think it was just console not profile

Oh Xlink?

Servers arent even up yet, i already tryed.

Let us all know if you get banned. Doubt it will happen though.

I never did for mw3 or blacck ops :stuck_out_tongue:

Same, but someone posted on the black ops 2 forums that they got banned.

What they do know is that you have illegally obtained a copy of a game that HAS NOT hit shelves yet.

Either way when I go into work tomorrow ill be getting my copy.

But it has hit shelves, quite a few people have legit copy’s of the game already.

I had of the game

I’m just going to play offline, zombies is good for me. And this gives me time to play the campaign, cause when my friends have it theres no way ill be motivated enough to not be online and play singleplayer lol

Been appearing online all day yesterday and a couple of hours today, no ban and still no servers.

I got banned, jokes.

I don’t think people will be getting bans for this.

Found a way to invite people even though the servers are down. Open up the player on your FL and view their “CoD player card” Then invite them in game and it sends lol.