Black Ops 2 emblem Mods/Picture Injection?

I would like to request a mod program that allows downloading of emblems and the injection of images for Black Ops 2 - thumbsticks dont cut it when im trying to make a precise emblem.

Not possible as emblems are stored online, to my knowledge.

I don’t think this is possible

Feel free to make a suggestion the Horizon Suggestions. You can find that forum here:

Horizon Suggestions - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

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Although I don’t think it’s possible as it’s through the servers (I think), but feel free to suggest.


OT: I believe the emblems are stored on treyarch’s servers, not too sure, but I would think that they are, I’ll look into it anyway and get back to you on that one.

As for making a suggestion next time please post in the Horizon Suggestions forum using the correct format, you can find it here.

Wouldn’t that be asking for an insta-ban?

Her you go. :smile: -snip-

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That wouldn’t work either to my knowledge as the emblems are stored server wise.
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