Black Ops 2 Godmode/Ammo Dvar?

Black Ops 2 Godmode/Ammo Dvar?

So does anybody knows it?

I want to mod my campaign, can’t find godmode or infinite ammo dvar… If you have it, can you provide it?

Thank you

Ammo is player_sustainAmmo. Change that from 0 to 1.

I thought this was the ammo code, I may be wrong.

player_sustainammo 1

grabbed this too.

player_swimDamage 0
player_deathInvulnerableTime 9999
player_damageMultiplier 0
player_radiusDamageMultiplier 0
player_meleeDamageMultiplier 0
bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 9999
bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9998
g_player_maxhealth 2000
player_deathInvulnerableToMelee 1
dog_MeleeDamage 0 
fire_world_damage_rate 0
player_deathInvulnerableToProjectile - 1
g_radiusDamageMax - 0

You`re not going to get player_sustainammo to work, but it is easy to get godmode and unlimited ammo to work when you real time edit the game.

This is for retail, lol.

player_sustainammo 1

Doesn’t work.

  1. No one ever said its for retail.
  2. So? I just explained that it is still possible to do with real time editing.

Assume it’s always retail until explained otherwise.

That’s no fun.

Player_sustainammo gives you unlimited ammo in a sense of every time you empty a clip you must reload.

does it wok on zombies??

Those codes worked on my offline black ops 1 game, the ammo code is correct. As for working on zombies I don’t know cause I’ve never played zombies except on COD Ghosts.


the code is Player_sustainammo - 1