Black Ops 2 Save Editor

I am new to the site and I downloaded this one save editor and edited a save but when I went back to my laptop and it was closed and now I can’t get it to open. Does anyone have a save editor that works with black ops 2 that they could send me? Thanks Luke


I have tried to do the slow download on there but I can never get that download to start. It says type in the code shown then wait but nothing happens. Any help or advice?

It just downloaded but says it has a potentially unsafe file type of .exe and when I click to continue anyways it says BlackOpsSaveEditor has stopped working any help?

ill teamview you send me your password and user id through a pm
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problem solved can be closed now

Was it the .NET framework?

i had to download winrar on his computer for some reason zip file wouldnt open the program and would give me a stopped error

broken link