Black ops 2 server unavailable?

every time i try to join i get a message saying Black ops 2 server is down, wtf is going on?

The Black Ops 2 servers are most likely down…

to bad my friends are on it right now playing

you just have to keep trying… happened to me

How long did it take to connect?

This is happening to me as well… it says the Servers are not available. Not sure what it could be.

Yeah I was playing online then I went to the Dashboard to download NukeTown 2025, got back on & can’t connect :anguished:

Just keep trying, happened to me for about 5 minutes.

Take a break , that’s what I did and then I came back and it worked . Or just play some campaign ?

Twitter that Microsoft will be surprising some of the

Join session of someone then when it fails hit xbox live

I dont think the servers are designed for over 600,000 people at once. It may just be that the servers are filled up. So just wait a while and try again.

happened to me as well after 20minutes it finally went back online