Black Ops 2 Zombies: How to Get PERMANENT Quick Revive

I don’t really see you post anything but videos, which is a little annoying. Nice video though, I’m about to upload the same thing. Also, it isn’t an easter egg, it is just part of the game. An easter egg is hidden. This isn’t, it’s just unlocks.

im sorry i do post once in a while but im not the type of guy who tries to get his post count higher

That is pretty cool, I will definitely be using this when I play zombies withy friends.

Oh, contribute? You must think I don’t have the thinking capacity to realize you’re just posting this on multiple forums “contributing”. I’m not the person who spams, nor do I like people who spam. Kind of why I have an Epic badge.

Dude, you don’t have to an ass. Let the member post his videos. It’s not spamming and that “Epic Badge” doesn’t mean crap in real life.

If you’d have read his post you’d notice that he referred to high post count meaning spam. No I never mentioned any of this meant anything in real life, but when someone tells me that I spam I will get moderately annoyed.

I never said anything about spam and also i never said high post count is spam cause you can be here for a long time and have alot of post

and if i post my video on every forum what do you care if you dont like it dont click on the topic no one is making you to click it if not theres an “x” button on the right corner of the website

like the other member said brag all about your badge how much you did to the site that doesnt make you better than me and tell me if im spamming or not cause im sure others member will like it

You did. Also, I spoke with him and explained to him why I was making those comments above. You take away opportunities of other members such as myself who put a lot of work into videos, but when you search TTG, make a quick video, and post them every couple hours then we have no chance of doing anything.

And you think i dont put effort in to my videos and if you think there bad thats fine next time be quicker and post it cause i dont care if you put enough effort thats your problem not mine also again i didn’t say u spammed i just said i dont like posting

also mature a lil dont need to get mad in a website and tell me stuff cause it just makes me laugh :thumbsup::lol:

fake partnership lmfao you want proof lol

I’m very mature. If you haven’t noticed everything i have said is for a reason, I’m not just openly bashing you to make you feel back. My original post is based off of the fact you’re never posting to benefit the forum, only posting your videos for subs and likes.

Oh, and quick little tip, don’t like your own videos and sub/like swap with others :laughing:

haha oh **** i didnt know i had a stalker lol yea your really mature :thumbsup: is there a rule were i cant post my videos didnt think so
so now if i like my video its something bad cause the guy with the epic badge said so

just let it go bro you wont stop me from making videos and posting them here

You’re correct, but I just believe it’s sad that you can’t stick to other forums and keep XboxMB clean of spam. That’s just the middle school way of thinking I guess.

You guys are both immature fighting on a ****ing forum? You guys are both posting your videos for subs/ likes / views come on now really? Does it really matter who post it? I enjoy watching trickz videos and Wesley videos… Who cares who post what? @Wesley he is contributing to the forum by posting his vids I didn’t know any of this stuff until I saw your guys vids posted…

Not to sound rude but i’m not the one cursing, nor am I angry at all. I was just slightly annoyed at this user due to the fact he comes on the forum only to post videos. It’s just as bad as someone posting people to join Gametuts on a thread. I’m going to leave it here, but I think it’s ridiculous that immature individuals such as itrickz are allowed to spam for views. That is all, nothing more, nothing less. I just believe it is wrong.

How is Posting videos being immature im wanting to stop this fighting but im not gonna back off when someone is talking bad about me i said let it go once and then a member told you to let it go but yet you keep going thats being immature you just need to stop cause you win nothing out of it

TBH this video is kinda sucky your voice is muffled and i could barely understand what you were saying,

nice find bro. definitely gonna test this out. and nah you sound perfectly clear, i think the dude above me is just deaf lol.

^12 Year old *** who bends over for anyone with a youtube channel.

OK,thats cool, got to try this ,thanks for the ups…