Black Ops 2 Zombies How To Get Permanent Steel Bars Barricade On Tranzit

Nice tutorial not bad but could be a little better explained! :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:

Thumbs down no boobs.

You wasn’t on baby :cry:

Just rebuild the window 50 times I believe

Can you get the Steel Bars online or is it just for solo?

Yes it works online

How did you get steel bars?

I say in the video how to :expressionless:

Is it only TranZit? I was in Grief mode on Town, and I must of repaired about 200-300 boards and nothing happaned.
Also is it 50 in one round/game or 50 all together?

Yes it’s only for Tranzit it’s the same with quick revive it only works when you play Tranzit kind of sucks. I believe it’s all together because I got the steel bars when I started the game and as you can see in the video I did not rebuild it 50 times at the start :laughing:

Done over 50 repairs on windows, nearing 50-100 every round and haven’t gotten it yet…

I don’t know why you haven’t got it yet :S Try it on round 1 and just keep rebuilding one window just make sure there’s a zombie pulling them off then you should have it

Do I have to rebuild a certain or the same window I started with to do it or is it all my repairs combined?

I think just the same window just do it on round one get a last zombie who is at a window and let him start pulling the wood off the just rebuild it

I counted and I did 60 times instead of 50, still nothing.

Was you doing it on all windows or just one? was you playing Tranzit? Also did you just stay on 1 round? Also you need to be getting points for rebuilding the window if you aren’t getting any points go to the next round

Oh wow I should of done more research before I done this video -.-

Boarding: Effect you have iron boards instead of wooden boards. It takes zombies an extra 5 seconds or so to rip of the board. It also builds them 1 sec faster. This perk is extremely useful when on the bus. How To Get It. You must board 200,300 boards in a single game. The easiest way to do this is play alone and stay on the bus and keep walking back and forth repairing the windows. I got mine by round 11.
I was wrong then sorry guys :anguished: with that being said I’ve seen some people saying 50 :L

I see an issue with this still.
I easily boarded up 200-300 in one single round with the last zombie because he couldn’t hit me, so I held repair.

As for us doing it again, we sat in the bus and I repaired the 5 windows on one side for 11 rounds without leaving the bus with 3 other people defending and must of easily did 500+ boards and didn’t get it.
Quick question: What’s your ranking? In zombies, is your emblem thing a skull with 3 marks?

I don’t know then :confused: I’m looking around some say 50 times some say 100 and so on it’s kind of mad :confused: also I’ve got the skull with 4 marks it might have something to do with rank?

Might explain a bit. I have Skull with 2 mark, same as my friend who can’t upgrade to metal barricade.
But my other 2 friends with Skull 3 marks repaired the windows 3 times and it was metal barricades right at the beginning.

I’m saying it has to do something with rank.

I just did a little over 300, nothing. I quit on this.