Black Ops 2 Zombies Xlink/System Link

Anyone interested in trying to play some co op zombies over Xlink kai?

Lol nah i will wait till servers. This is way too much effort.

Do you need a jtag to do this?


Then how did i not know about this lol, thanks :smile:

LOL i cannot get it to open in windows 8 :anguished:

Edit: Too much effort xD

I’ll XBSlink later. Working RTE atm. I’ll be “Tucker” on XBSlink.

I did not know you could do Xlink with flashed systems I thought that was part of the problem with the 30ping etc.

ALso have enver used XBlink same as Xlink Kai?

All this system link stuff only works if you live very near the other player. If the ping exceeds a certain amount, it won’t work. JTAGs and RGH consoles can remove this ping restriction and everything works fine. There was a small community of us on the Halo Reach beta back in the day.

Your console has the ping limited removed, so you could join OivGaming’s game but he couldn’t join you.

Also XBSlink is the same but doesn’t require you to sign up, is easier to use and has a cleaner interface. You run it, choose a username, load the cloud list and then join one, simple as that.


i want to play with my brother, he lives around 3 miles away from me but we both have very good internet if that will help. but i cannot open it with windows 8, any fix for this?

Ping him and if it’s below 30ms then you can connect to each other.
Also try compatibility mode? (not sure if Windows 8 has it) or try XBSlink.

Ready when you are (I think)

Just got XBSlink up, now gotta see if I can get into a game.

Dashlaunch 3.04 fixes it so you don’t have to unload dashlaunch. So you can connect with over 30ms ping.

Source: DashLaunch 3.04 - CIV hook fixed - DashLaunch - RealModScene

Well XBSlink sucks IMO, it keeps disconnecting and makes my PC run slow. Never had this issue with Xlink Kai. Also I found out they updated Dashlaunch so I went and did that and it killed all the stats in my Black Ops 2 save for some reason.

Could you please explain to me what Xlink is I googled it along time ago and nothing helpful came up. :expressionless:

It simulates LAN. LAN means local area network, so your home network. If you and your buddy are connected to your router you would be able to play with each other over LAN (system link). Software like Xlink Kai simulates LAN on a worldwide scale, connecting people from all over the world together.

Thank you Tucker, where could I get the software and for how much?

Can someone help me set mine up i cant get it to find my jtag opened ports and everything still nothing please help thanks