Black ops 2!

Please make mod tools for black ops 2 on horizon, we want mods on xbox 360

I know this was along time ago but im going on a reply spree, but i can get you a campain modder if thats what You want.

A campain mod would be cool. But what I really want Zombies mods. For the original maps and DLC maps. Also, I don’t know much about what happened, or what the system is, but this goes out to the Horizon creators. So, less then a year ago, Horizon had a few popular games that could be modded. One of them being Halo: Reach. Which was great. You got to moddify your credits and rank and whatever. Best of all, it didn’t require the diamond membership. Now I understand that you have to make money some how. But a year ago the only thing that required the diamond membership was the cool profile mods and a few games. And now it seems all of cool games require the diamond membership. Quite frankly, that is really disappointing. I don’t mean to sound rude. I really do appreciate what you guys do. I just wish you didn’t have to pay for the things you didn’t have to pay for before.

They have pretty much stopped adding things to horizon. Plus bo2 zombies isn’t moddable without a mod chip’d xbox 360.

Well that’s depressing. Thanks anyway though

What was that about campaign mods?

Im suddenly very interseted in this conversation from a couple months ago.

Its a year old and its over. This needs locked
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