Black Ops 3 Der Riese aka "The Giant" remastered intro cutscene leaked

Open Me

Richtofen killed Richtofen?! :o

I refuse to watch it!

Why did I watch it…now I want to play zombies now!


[details=Open Me]When zombies was first introduced in World at War I did my best to follow the story throughout the expansions and games, but I feel as if I missed some key moments/events so if anyone knows of a good site in which I could read the story than I’d be very appreciative!

…unless you can explain, saving me the time. Thanks.[/details]

Holy carp… I might buy BO3 just for zombies

Is this not the only reason people are buying this game for?

[details=Open Me] There’s quite a bit to explain, I’ll have a look around and see if I can find a decent enough site that explains the story. And I’ll link it to you.

Anyway the reason why I thought Richtofen killed Richtofen is because, the guy that came out of the teleportor and shot Richtofen in the head looked exactly like the “Richtofen” from the map “Origins” from Black Ops 2.

(Skip to 2:40 to see what I mean, or watch the whole trailer anyway because it’s freaking awesome)

So I’m really confused on who the actual Richtofen is…[/details]

Well damn. I Was only gonna play the beta & be done with it. Now i think i am gonna buy this for zombies, cause well that’s probably the only reason to get a treyarch game anyway.

Updating the post

If anyone needs the lore explained pm me