Black Ops 3 Discussion & Ranks

First cod on console since MW3 and the game feels so good. I think if it had slightly better hit dection it would be the best cod to date (other then CoD 4).

I’ve been playing alot since launch, my stats so far since I just prestiged:

This is awkward…

It seems as if everyone is enjoying Black Ops: 3 where as I don’t have much of an interest in getting it. I don’t know if it’s the maps, weapons, streaks, etc. that I don’t seem to like. Prior to the game releasing I was excited to see Treyarch making the game because I feel as if they’re the only company that can actually produce a balanced game when it comes to the series of Call of Duty, but, upon playing the game, I just can’t see myself and friends getting into the game like we did with Black Ops: 2.

Maybe I need to play the game on my own console rather then a friends PS4? Maybe I need to play more then ten matches with only one other teammate so I don’t have to worry about stupid, unnecessary deaths? All I know is that I was hoping this game would get me addicted like Black Ops: 2 did and have me playing it while ignoring everything other game. (ex: Destiny.)

…I’m positive Zombies is perfect; I tried the game mode while at the mid-night release and, even though it was for only a few rounds, I wanted to sit down and give the Easter Egg a go!

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Why you no get it on PC and play with me :anguished:

because you need a desktop that would cost you over $2 grand to play the game properly, 60 fps. (Idk the price really, but all the reviews say the game runs like horse ****, and a lot of them put up their specs and are really good.)

I felt the same way initially but I played the beta and got hooked. I feel like good players in this game will always have good games (I’m literally getting at least 30+ kills a game with less than 15 deaths).

I’m thinking about it, if it drops by a tiny bit at Christmas I might but I doubt it. Just don’t feel like throwing another $80 for a game right now.

i dont get it why make a thread about rants about bo3 if u dont like it then dont play it but ppl dont need to here that the game someone just spent 60 bucks on is crap just saying

GreenManGaming has it for $42($55 CAD)

This thread isn’t a rant. Everyone has an opinion on games and it is better to hear both sides than just one.

Damn, thanks got BO3 and Fallout 4 for under $100 CAD. I spent $91 on xbone for cod alone…

Like a lot of others, my friends and I participated in the beta when it was open. When we first started off we didn’t perform like we normally did in Black Ops: 2 but I think it’s because we were getting used to the “Exo” suit movement, maps, weapon stability, etc. Though, after a good time spent within the beta, we still all agreed that we weren’t doing as well as we did in the previous Treyarch game. As time pasted some of us would have our games but then we’d go back to being average. (Finish a match with a 1-2.0 K/D)

…not until I borrowed my friends X1 SCUF did I truly start to play and feel like my old self. (Would finish by dropping a 30-50x kill match with some high K/D like 10-15.0 K/D ratio.)

Being that a lot of my Destiny friends purchased the game I too want to get the game, but I feel as if I’d need a SCUF to perform/enjoy myself. (I do play on Bumper Jumper via Halo/Destiny but I can’t seem to grasp the controls when it comes to Call of Duty because I’ve never used that control scheme when playing a Call of Duty title.)

Except you don’t. If you wanted 60fps, at the same resolution of consoles you probably would have to spend around what a console costs, maybe even lower…

Those that say it runs like **** for them, don’t update their drivers, or don’t actually have the hardware to run it at 60fps ultra and are complaining because with the amount of graphics setting in the game, I have a hard time believing half those posts.