Black Ops 3 leaked Zombies Gameplay (Shadows of Evil and More!)

[details=Open Me] (Skip to 0:47)

(5 more minutes of gameplay)

(2 minutes of Raygun gameplay)

(Zombies ranks 1-35, unfortunately couldn’t find icons after the first prestige.)


Don’t know why they feel they need to add and include stupid **** to the core gameplay. If it’s for an easter egg that’s fine, but I hate stupid stuff like that. Keep it simple and fun. Thought I was watching The Darkness for a second, not Call of Duty.

THIS is what Call of Duty should be

You guys do realize this is for the gamemode ZOMBIES and has no correlation to Multiplayer or Campaign. So obviously following Treyarch’s style Zombies is going to be outlandish, but that’s what keeps it interesting. (And yes, those tentacles and other monsters will be related to the Easter egg. I already had some of the steps of it spoiled to me from a friend that has it early…)

@BATMAN GOT HAM - I appreciate the share, but I mainly appreciate it all being put in a “Spoiler” because I don’t want to view anything zombie related before hand. Thanks!

Personally, without looking at any of the new zombie footage, I feel as if Treyarch should be the only ones offering zombies within the Call of Duty series; they just have a certain style that never feels wrong when it comes to that game mode. As for Call of Duty in general, since Smiffy brought it up, I wish the series overall would go back to a mode serious vibe like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

(I do feel as if Black Ops: 2 was a great game, along with World at War, but, since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I haven’t enjoyed any of the Campaigns because they just don’t feel right…just something about them doesn’t have me going back for seconds.)

Updated OP with ranks as well, if anyone is interested.