Black Ops 3 - What do you think?

So I have been playing Black Ops 3 a lot, I am actually 5th prestige (no life bro) but in all seriousness my thoughts on the game so far is as follows.

  1. Guns are extremely under powered (smgs that is) I was using the Kuda which is a SMG and it is so under powered compared to the assault rifles and so on.

  2. Double Weapon XP? Are you serious? There is no point for that like seriously.

  3. The Specialist some are useless some aren’t, they are pretty cool too be honest I like them.

  4. The spawns are horrible, the worst spawns easily.

  5. Maps are not made for the game, way too big in my opinion.

The game is great, but has a countless amount of issues, it’s a Call of Duty that I would recommend to anyone, way better than Advanced Warfare they managed to add in the double jump, but also restrict in.

What are your thoughts?

I was afraid BO3 would be as bad with movement as AW is but I think they integrate jumps and wall running well into the game while still maintaining a classic Black Ops feel. Well done in my opinion. I agree with you on the gun balance. It’s not good right now, but hopefully will be evened out eventually.

It’s a good game, but it’s a typical Call of Duty. This franchise becomes less and less interesting to me every year.

I’m in love with zombies, can’t get enough. I’m excited to see what the dlc maps are going to be. It sucks we don’t get them first anymore :confused:

As of right now I’m playing multiplayer a bit more frequently, but mainly for the return fire master calling card. I’m 83% done with the challenges for that. But the multiplayer does feel smooth compared to AW/Ghosts, servers are pretty stable for the most part.

As for campaign, me and two other friends beat the campaign on realistic difficulty. Needless to say, we never want to do it again. But it was a fun few days of tearing our hair out lol.

Edit: Overall I give the game an 8/10, Treyarch definitely leads the pack when it comes to making CoD games.

Like 90% of the maps are small and SMGs are the best guns in the game, you must be playing something else.

Fringe is the only “small” map, the rest are medium sized maps, the SMGs are definitely not the best guns. The VMP is the only good SMG I have encountered.

Aquarium, Breach, Combine, Evac, Exodus, Fringe, Nuketown all small CQC maps. SMGs shred anybody unless it’s long distance.

I actually like it for the first time in years. Multiplayer is fun and what I’ve played of the campaign and zombies they’re pretty good too. Happy with it.

Eh they are medium/average I just wished they had like a smaller map like Nuketown I don’t know. That is exactly what I am saying most of the enemies are long range.

I’ve played it a little bit and have watched others play it a lot.

Some responses to your thoughts:

  1. The specialists classes makes gameplay seem very chaotic, all of the time. I think it would be better if it was awarded to only the top players halfway through the game or something similar to that. Scorestreaks are OP imo.

  2. Some of the maps are way too large. I think this was done in part with the speed you have from the thrusters. Although I do remember some games where half of the gameplay was me running to find people, which shouldn’t be the case for team deathmatch. If they made the maps too small, it would just be people wall jumping everywhere like spider monkeys which would get old.

  3. SMGs got nerfed a tiny bit because of how easy it is to run up on someone now and hip fire. I feel like a lot of game mechanics had to change due to the thrusters.

My overall thoughts is that this is no longer a game you can sit down and play casually. You need to be really focused when you’re playing and it feels like a couple warm up games are almost always required. Maybe that’s just me getting worse at playing FPSs.

Definitely one of the smoothest CODs in awhile though.

[details=Open Me]01.) Some guns may seem to be less powerful than others because they need a certain attachment to be wielded correction or effectively. Obviously that may seem dumb to some, the fact that one weapon can be naked and rip while another has to be clothed, but Treyarch did their homework and made use of all the attachments. (ex: I haven’t seen anyone use Rapid Fire and excel since, maybe, the original Black Ops.)

02.) The function of “Double Weapon XP” is so you can earn attachments for weapons faster then you normally would. Do you have a weapon that you’re struggling to get kills with because you don’t have the right attachments? Play with the weapon for a few games and earn the said attachments that you want/need to excel with that weapon. Have you already prestiged a weapon twice and completed the challenges yet don’t have all the attachments for it so it’s truly completed? Take advantage of the double weapon experience and full max that weapon out! (ex: Back when Black Ops: 2 was the newest Call of Duty, I used to abuse the double weapon experience weekends and get the attachments for weapons like the S12 or the M1216 shotgun.)

03.) Agreed. Now, like I’ve stated in a multitude of Black Ops: 3 threads, I have yet to own the game for myself by have watched a good amount of gameplay so I’d like to think I have a basic understanding of the game and how it plays. With that said, I can say that I’m sure Treyarch is aware of which classes need changing because they are a company where they want things to be balanced. Also keep in mind though that things can only be so balanced and that some things are always going to seem a bit more powerful than others. (ex: The Sereph - Annihilator class seems to last FOREVER where as the Battery - Kinectic Armor or Outrider - Vision Pulse only lasts for a few seconds.)

04.) When it comes to this topic I can’t really shed much light on it, but, what I will say, when it comes to certain game modes the spawns do needed to be re-worked. (ex: Hardpoint) Now, like I said, I can’t really talk much about this topic, but I do have to ask, are you running solo or with a squad? (If you’re playing alone then you can’t be too shocked at spawn changes.)

05.) Besides the specialist classes, the maps were what had me questioning Black Ops: 3. Its not that I thought they were too big/small, I just couldn’t find that many maps that I preferred to play on like I did with Black Ops: 2. But, with your statement, I have to inform you that if you are finding the maps to be too large for your play than you aren’t traversing the maps properly or must be playing a game mode which doesn’t support the map in which you’re playing on. From what I’ve watched and played myself I haven’t had any issues with the maps being too large or too small, they seem to fit just right with the thruster packs. (Treyarch knew that people disliked the Exo-suits + Map sizes in Advanced Warfare so I feel they worked the movement + maps in this game so people didn’t have the same opinion.)[/details]

Without any doubt Treyarch took the game mode of zombies as we knew it and completely revamped it with more balanced, yet fictional features that make us go back for more! I’m sure I’ve made notice of it before when I say that I don’t own the game for myself, but one best believe me when I say that I’ll eventually get this game and play the crap out of it; just like I did with Black Ops: 2!

First off, when it comes to the topic of specialists, all I have to say is that this was the one feature I didn’t agree with when participating in the beta. Yes the different classes give us players another way thing to look out for and they most definitely are cool to us, but I immediately saw that they took the idea from Destiny and threw it into their game. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t fit or should be removed because, thanks to, I’ve watched a good amount of gameplay from various gamers and came to the conclusion that they aren’t that dumb or that meaningless. But, with that same breath, I will say that the way in which some one earns their specialist needs to change. (Right now you could just continuously die and eventually achieve your specialist, I feel that you have to excel to earn it, not just suck and be rewarded for sucking.)

Lastly, I’ll keep it short, I’ve read multiple opinions when it comes to the map sizes; some like them while others don’t. Personally, I think the maps fit just right with the thrusters and I’m sure Treyarch made sure that they did so because, even though I didn’t play the game, I read a lot of complaints when it came to the Exo-suits + Maps in Advanced Warfare.