Black Ops 'Campaign' Editor

Start the program and open up your profile in it. Check what you want and click the Dvars tab. Apply which check/jump/speed edit goes to which button. Press save. Delete title updates, play campaign, press buttons that are assigned…profit???
Download: Removed. Will put back up when I get something to work.
VirusScan: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

Future Works:
Able to assign custom guns to player

Wow, nice, I might use this sometime, just for some fun…

Does this work for PC? I could lend you a steam account if you promised to make it for xbox and pc if it is not.

Pretty cool now to see the best performance out of unkowns and this one

I’m not impressed until I see a tool in which does not say this.

better than nothing to me :confused: i just wanna mod black ops lol

With the research I’ve done, I’m not sure it will even carry on to Zombies(SVG) so not really a difference unless it does.

Doesn’t work for PC, but I’m sure since you have the PC version, there may be way better mods then this for it.

yea pc usually has it better when it comes to mods

actually not really.

There is but unfortunately treyarch failed at releasing the full tools and gave us a incomplete set, we have to do all these things just for image mods and the only other thing we can do is .gsc mods. Nice release still.

It says might not work. I can try.

Very weary of this, the file is called “Flying thunder crow.exe”.

Why is it called that? :o

That made me debate. Running a virus scan on the Exe itself.

IDK. A favorite word of mine is “Chidori” which means A thousand Flocking Birds. My profile editor for black ops is called “Flying Thunder Bird”.

Profile or Savegame?

Open your profile.

Testing now.
How do Binds work?

Binds work by if you click invincibility(Top left), you choose what the top left bind for it will be.

Can’t get this to work no matter what I do, and yes I have followed the instructions.