Black Ops Emblems

Official Thread for funny/weird/akward/stupid/immature emblems you find… post them here!

where is the emblems that site takes me to the homepage of image shack = fail [IMG][IMG] to insert a picture


Now it will just direct you to it


use that
my emblem is pretty cool ill upload it later…

here is mine lol


She’s cute. What’s her name?:worried:

It’s his fiancee

Jamie, the METH addicted KISS fan :laughing:

:laughing: That made my night.:lol::lol::lol:

Just 2 more i seen lol i laughed so hard.

Open Me

Open Me


Lol i know, i was like i gotta get a pic of these

your wasn’t funny/weird/awkward/stupid/immature

what you talking about? its pretty stupid :confused:

hahaha, that it is