Black Ops - FastFiles Decrypted [UPDATED]

The fast files for Black Ops have been successfully decrypted :thumbsup: This will NOT be released to the public under any circumstances and it was done for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.



what if i told you i luv you jk dont own jtag so it doesn’t bother me

They fail so hard. I lul at them!

it better not go pub or i will smack you :smile: he he

Yeah good to know the security on the game was **** but still stick to your word. DO NOT RELEASE THIS!!!

I guess it shows what can be done though…

Good Job Man,You Guys Are Truly Talented.

instead of just “wont be released” you should probably delete them and everything to do with them, just incase anybody ever managed to get the files.

Please dont release this i wanna play black ops legit

I hate to say it, but it probably will be released, most likely leaked as everything else is.

Good job Unknown :smile: thank you for not releasing.

The security they used is far from ****.

W/E Just don’t release it plox.

Please, PLEASE, don’t ever release this…EVER!

He won’t.

They said it would be hard to mod. It was cracked before the release.

Even if the actual file got leaked, it would be useless without an encryption tool.

I just want you to release it to see all the cod fanboys cry :smile:
Very well done though :smile:

I wouldn’t call myself a COD fanboy. I just hope this can be the first COD I play legit. If anything I’m a Oblivion and Fallout (All Of Them) Fanboy.