Black Ops - First Ever Instant 15th Prestige and CoD Point Mods Online

The first ever instant 15th prestige level 50 and CoD Points mods. Specify what ever prestige and amount of CoD points you want, and get it practically instantly.

This will soon be available. Stay tuned for more information.

No one who was modded with this method has been banned.

So we are going to be able to buy here now? Does that mean selling will soon be ok?

Looks stupid… Get the lobbies out of here…

Since it will be run by staff and trusted members, yeah you will be able to buy this. But nobody else will be able to sell things.

finally!!! thank you for the lobbies!!!

Nice! But hopefully people wont start trying to b/s/t on here. Exept for staff.

No B/S/T zrueda, you should know this. :smile:

Will there be the ability to become a trusted seller?

can you do legit stats? also, how much?

What happened to no Call of Duty mods?

oh no… as much as i love modding, anything but this

thats what i was thinking

bro im so gonna buy this!!!

ok, just so you can get banned? its kinda obvious if u have more than 100 credits and 0 games played

i have just seen this video on xboxMB youtube channel lol

good work

I agree with Camp. Why is this necessary? It’s just gonna bring more banz and 12 year olds here.

Since I don’t own the site and it’s not in Horizon, it has nothing to do with me.

Cheater912 chooses to steer clear of Call of Duty mods. That does not mean however that other members can’t. So as Zrueda stated it will be for sale by staff members. Most likely himself, Dean, and the developers will be hosted them because of the fact they are the most trusted on the site and have been here the longest.

im sure this was just a test run and legit stats can and most likely will be added

Already 15 with 90 Million.