Black Ops first line of Defense against rank modding an boosting

In Black Ops you can only go up a maximum of five ranks per game.
Also tryarch can use theater to view what you have been doing and see if you have boosted,thats why tryarch made theater.

Ok? Where did you find this. Link please?

Yeah I Was aware of this… But what about level 1’s… Its not hard to go up 5 levels being a level 1… especially play search or demolition where you get lots of XP >:O

well thats pretty dumb say that i want to play that like all day?
and how much xp is it per level that might be new tho like 200k xp or something idk just saying but still thats dumb only 5 flipn levels wtf

My freind is freinds with the people who have hacked the current status of the beta and beta codes, he updates me everyday on what they have found out.

Theres No Beta ?

Someday a modder will break that barrier.

wtf? for reals? There will be more RSA checks in the black ops xex’s, but 5 ranks per game? damn. obviously, you can remove all these checks from the xex’s with a jtag, using your own code, but JD_2020 says this wont be possible. cant wait to see what will stop modded xex’s from running on jtags.

Wow if thats true then they are retarted, What if you are like amazing at the game and now you cant level up!

Damn That Sux Kinda.

Thats Pretty Gay! :anguished:

Could you please post an source so we can see if its true ?

- iFresh

Source please?

i dont know weather that would be good or bad :anguished:

We will finally find out as soon as its out!


5 Levels per game is not bad in my opinion, i hate boosters anyway they wreck the game.

no beta :anguished: ita an inside beta for the developers

This is where Jtag’s come in. Modded xex to remove that 5 level check…

They might change the rank cap. just wait until it comes out.

There is no beta nor any codes. Could be fake. :worried: