Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack ** LEAKED FOOTAGE **

Below are some screenshots and a video of the new zombie map, Ascension, coming to Xbox LIVE on 2/1/2011 in the First Strike map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is the only leaked footage around, so you’ll only find it here on XboxMB :smile:



More screenshots can be found here.


XboxMB does it again, well done!

All hail XboxMB!! Best damn site on teh interwebz!!


Freakin awesome brotherin.

Epic Win

Good job devteam. <3 u guys.

XboxMB win! Treyarch Fail! AGAIN!

Saw this on TTG :laughing:

Its a good thread :thumbsup:

Treyarch didn’t fail. I was 80% sure some child was gonna post that.

Nicely done, gotta love the developer team :smile:


were would someone get a leaked map pack or dlc from? I have always wondered

Finally, xboxmb FTW!

We are teh shizzle (:

And thissss is why we can’t have anything nice on Pnet.

It’s not on PNET. And why is the map in black and white O_o

damn this loooks sick. im pumped!!

When you turn on the power it goes into color.

This is tight!

Nice job DevTeam!