Black Ops GPD Mod Tool

[b]Black Ops GPD Mod Tool - RecklessModsHD

Hey XboxMB, Today I am here to show you a Mod Tool I found for Modding Black Ops GPDs! Its called Xero (Im sure many people have it). I will leave a link to the download of it and a list of Zombies DVARs. I could even put in my GPD I made. So Good Luck Happy Modding and feel free to leave ideas and Comments!

MediaFire Xero Download: Xero.exe
MediaFire DL RecklessModsHD GPD: 41560855.gpd
DVAR List:
Virus Scan on Xero:[/b]

You’re just 2 years late. Maybe next time.

Well sorry for trying to be helpful.

Has this tool been updated at all since it was released?

When I open it, it says it has but I dunno. Maybe I could try and make my own

can i have TUT

Sure gimme a bit