Black Ops Guns and Kill Streaks With Pictures

[details=Kill Streaks]Spy Plane


Counter-Spy Plane

SAM Turret

Care Package

Napalm Srike

Sentry Gun

Mortar Stike

Attack Helicopter

Valkyrie Rockets

Black Bird

Rolling Thunder

Chopper Gunner

Attack Dogs

Gun Ship

[details=Assault Weapons!]














iso or beta?


I see I see.
I wish Treyarch didn’t take down all the ISO’s.

Those were fake iso’s.

Oh, LOL and you messed up M60 in LMGs.
Welcome :wink:

There we go :thumbsup:

i like the pic b4 the kill streaks lol

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I am finished with this thread :smile:

What about it?

I noticed in the pistols you missed the M1911. But thank you!!!

Only one Bolt Action sniper. :anguished:

Nice post.

In pistols there are 2 ASP’s just thought I’d let you know. Other than that thanks for the post (:

Just fixed the pistols.

:open_mouth: THis is legittt!

Thanks, I was going to add live kill streaks, but they are deactivated.

Noob Question: Where Does Everyone Get Those Avatars/Profile Pics


Its a .GIF image.