Black Ops II Freezing?

When ever I try to load any mode in Black Ops II (SP, MP, Zombies) my game freezes.
Anyone else having this problem?

Maybe you had a bad burn. I’m still downloading mine :confused:

Playing on a JTAG…
Hence why I posted this in the JTAG/RGH modding section :smiley:

Try transferring the game directly to your HDD, rather than via FTP.

Also, try disabling the xbdm.xex plugin if you use it.

my fault. didn’t see that xD

I’ll try that now.

If it still gives you issues try making it a GOD game and running it that way.

Wanna find me a tutorial on how to do that?
Don’t have a clue how D:

The tool is ISO2GOD, and all you do is add the ISO, and hit convert! I have a link in my thread here. It also works in reverse with GOD2ISO.

Thanks, giving it a try now.

im getting disk read errors with my disk /: imtrying to install to my hdd lol.

People have reported the ISO2GoD way doesn’t work either. I don’t have the game yet, but I’ll try some stuff later.

Jtag users have to remove dashlaunch to play the game, This is whats causing it to freeze. I’m sure a dashlauch patch will be out soon. Can confirm working fine booting from xexmenu.

Yeah, apparently playing the game on a flashed console (dvd drive flashed and playing it on a burned disc) is the only way so far that doesn’t freeze when you try to play it.

If you uninstall dashlaunch it will work on an RGH/JTAG if you boot the game through sexmenu

Was about to post this :stuck_out_tongue:


Have tried uninstalling Dash Launch(Deleting off my HDD)
Still no luck

You have to load dashlaunch and uninstall it from there to uninstall it or it wont work. Learned the hard way.

Made mine a GOD and when I clicked Create a class it froze on me.