Black Ops II

I just want to try and understand something a bit clearer…

What is it about Black Ops 2 that everyone loves so much?!? On all the gaming/modding forums I’m apart of, it’s the most requested game to be modified or it’s the most played Call of Duty today!

I’m not saying the game sucks. I just think the series in general is getting old. Back on topic… Is there something I’m missing or just didn’t play?!

I personally loved BO2. I loved the multiplayer and campaign. I’ve always sucked at zombies, but the story is interesting.

I still play it, I have no reason why!

i think everyone loves bo2 because of the story and zombies plus its just fun


I hate anything to do with zombies, it’s overdone.

That said I absolutely love the MP for BOII. The guns, perks, 10 point system, playlists, booty emblems, maps. Everything. I’ve never enjoyed a CoD game as much as I have with BOII. It’s just all-around good.

Nope, just nope.

I play league play on it and love it, BO2 is the last COD I truly enjoyed. I enjoy it a lot because I always have fiends to play with on it, and all my friends also enjoy it

Yep, just yep.

Such overdone, much repetitive

You do realize that the majority of the stuff you listed has nothing to do with the Treyarch Zombies storyline? Their easter eggs for each map are cleverly put together, and most tell a great story. Not just mindless Zombie killing, there is some depth in Treyarch’s creation. So the stuff you posted as “proof” is irrelevant, and has little to do with what you can actually do in their maps.

Edit: Speaking of repetitive, you’re still playing Destiny right? Even though you’ve basically done everything there is to do. Much repetitive, many wow.

But to each his own…

I just like it. But not zombies mode. I like to kill PEOPLE not bots.

I’m speaking in general, not just with the zombies mode within Black Ops games. It’s overdone and repetitive as a whole, if you deny that I just don’t know what to say.

I still play Destiny because it’s one of the few games I own, also irrelevant because there is only one Destiny. There are hundreds of iterations of zombie movies, television shows, comics, books, video games. But I guess I’m a hypocrite for playing one game…

You really rekt me m8

Well if you’re talking about Zombies in general then yes, it’s repetitive. But I figured you’re talking about Black Ops Zombies considering the title of the thread is “Black Ops II”.