Black Ops Modded Xp Lobby / 15th Lobby [Wii]

Just modifed the kill values to 999,999xp per kill :smile:

Done on my own with no help.

Very nice bra :smile:

nice song and nice modding

Can’t really say “with no help” considering you used someone else code and prob tutorial.

Thanks guys.

No I didn’t use any tutorials for the .ISO modding part… I did use other peoples Always Host and Max players code so I can host one… But the XP mods were done by myself.

Cool now all 30 people that play the Wii will be 15th prestige!

Lol Cody. I know, I need to get a new 360!

But yeah surprisingly there is 8,000+ people playing at anytime on average… That’s good for Wii even though Xbox 360 and PS3 have like a million on average.

Nice dude i might get black ops for the wii rofl.

You better invite me biznitch

can u still do this

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