Black Ops Modded Zombies Solo - USB - NO JTAG :)

[i][u]For people who have been looking rasher has a secret one well not secret now :laughing: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

just put you profile id and device id and save on your xbox goto solo then resume :smile:

i have not tried this just got rrod and im fixing it but i have word its unlimited ammo no virus and i think it puts you on last mission and you complete that and it takes you straight to zombies i think[/u][/i]

                  PATCHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!11

But its now campaign unlimited ammo zombies patched


Can we get proof of this working first?

What kind of mods are they?

Upload a video of the modded zombies.

Video and who is rasher?

its the same game save as everyone else…last mission…unlimited ammo and then all the zombie maps unlocked


Virus scan + video+ list of mods + moar.

no virus…just unlimited ammo

I havn’t tried it yet currently got RROD like 4 mins ago while doing this but im doing the towel fix for the now lol

Why a virus scan for a gamesave its not a .exe file :expressionless:

does it work for you ?


Don’t double post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone should make a tut on how to do this.

I Know Rite? Everyone Is So Sensitive About Viruses Now.

“Virus Scan pL0x”
“It’s A Picture o_O…”

Clean Thank you!

I’m Figuring Out How This Works Then TUT

Just tried it and it brings you to the last Mission i guess, brings you to 1 of the campaign levels, but i didn’t finish the mission.

im just finishing it now then save and quit then i think it will take you to “FIVE” with unlimited amo

Dont mini mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Video or it didn’t happen. :wink: