Black Ops Official Infection Lobby


Not sure if anyone has seen this but I believe they are legit. They have many thanks and the thread is trusted.

This is what they offer.

Infections ( They carry over online unless I have a star next to them, Last until you go to dashboard ) :

  • Wallhack
  • Aimbot *Everything except the red box carries over
  • Promod
  • Names above Heads
  • Super jump *
  • Super speed
  • Infinite & larger UAV
  • Infinite ammo *
  • Steroid dogs
  • Unlimited sprint *
  • Perfect steady aim *
  • Fully auto triple burst/semi auto weapons *
  • Mega knife range
  • No flash/stun effect *
  • Simple FPS counter
  • Ping counter and display
  • Bullet tracers *
  • Care packages never come down and all objects float on death
  • Super bots which are impossible to beat without the god mode lol *

Other mods :

  • Mod Menu
  • Disco Mode
  • Roughly 90% complete kamikaze bomber ( Will be compelte after I add in models )
  • Spawn bots ( Roughly 90% complete, I just need to script them to spawn in now )
  • Fully working AC130 built from scratch. Ill have two versions of it which are demonstrated in the video. One will be a walking AC130 and another will be a flying one.

Proof Of Lobby:

:smiley: read that on TTG . Alex <3

Hmmm. Abit to much asking price for infections.

Yeah I know but Gawley said on TTG that they are legit so this has to be real. Also they said they are working on 15th prestige sticky and stats.

Now 15th Prestige, I would defo pay for.

Your best bet is to just wait a while for 15th lobby to stick properly and then buy it. :smiley:

It’s legit.

Cheater said its legit to bamn we have infections now :smiley:

it is legit. i was in the party with Gawley he was talking about it. They should host soon. some people already got online :wink:

dam i thought they fixed infection, but cool stufff

awesome i cant wait till lobbies start up again

I’d have to agree. Ive been on eBay looking at sellers selling 15th System Link and Lobbies, and I know there obviously fake. Pisses me off. If anything comes up ill sure to be active on this site! Infections arent my thangg. hah

How do i get in.
I want to get in.
If you can inv me.
My gt is XxIDestroyerIxX

Dam, thats hawt. Wish I could get into one of those lobbies.

I Wants but i cant haz :anguished:

If they did it without .cfgs, dvars, or .gpd mods… what other way is there to do it?

dang that is cool

Can i get in? GT:Crankrune

god this talk of black ops lobbies is making me hot :wink:

but ya ive wanted mod the sht out of it since it came out cus i tried playing legit but this game is fcking broke. i hate it with a passion. why i continue to play idk …

Want in click on the source (very top) and view their payment options :smiley: