Black Ops Prestige Glitch - (After Patch!) + Revision


Black Ops Prestige Glitch - (After Patch!) + Revision


[INDENT] Transfer Cable or USB
2 Xbox Controllers[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Achive Level 50 on your xbox live Account
Make A Copy of Your Profile on the Computer
Open the second copy of your profile into horizon and change the profile ID to:[/INDENT]	

[INDENT]** E0000D1DD702EA8E **[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Put that profile back into your HDD or USB and turn on your Xbox
Now go onto Black Ops and select Multiplayer[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Second Controller:[/INDENT]
Sign onto your 2nd Account on your Second Controller

  • Hover over your MAIN Account

  • Back Out

  • Select Splitscreen

  • Hit Up, Then A

  • Click Prestige Mode

  • Stop at very last warning before you prestige

  • Unplug your ethernet cord and Hit A at the same time! (you may need another person to help you)

  • Turn off 2nd Controller

  • Plug in ethernet cord

[INDENT]First Controller:[/INDENT]

Click Xbox Live with the first Controller

Repeat until you have reached your Desired Prestige!

Glitch Found by: AIRBORN LLAMA and MonsterMash

Revision #1 ( Second Account Errors) Creds to ttg_nitty

[b]Make another gamertag that was gold (used my 24 hour) <–refer to this as my 2nd account

Put that profile as long with my main profile onto my USB

Opened Horizon and replaced my 2nd accounts profile ID with my main account’s ID

Put them back onto my xbox

This Method is untested and not verified. Will try it tonight after the Walking Dead!!![/b]

Good job, treyarch fail again… again. More reasons why they should have had a beta…

50 in MP or Combat Training? :o

worked, thanks :smile:
Glad to be high, just bought the game so i’m not too bothered if i get banned :smile:

any1 have a lvl 50 i can borrow real quick XD

treyarch is gonna be pissed

Very nice guide, now time for Treyarch to add this to their ever growing list of glitches.


Not sure if Combat Training works!

Possible tho

OMG i want to be level 50 now :open_mouth:

But what if u have wireless built in ure console :/?

If you have wireless, it would probably be too hard to actually turn on/off your router.

I would suggest using a normal ethernet cable when doing this!

I need a lvl 50 now lol

I don’t see why unplugging a router would be any more difficult than unplugging an Ethernet cable.

Ok i have some stupid questions… but plz help me :smiley:

My main account is in my first controller?

And when making my copy what i do? I modify the copy and then when i replace the ID what happen to the original one?

XboxMB out does Treyarch again :smirk:

lol mhm

ok im getting lvl 50 tonight thnks for this bro

The original one is a backup just for you.

Just make that backup, and keep it in a folder on your computer.

The other copy of your profile, is the one that you use to change the ID’s and then you place that newly changed ID profile back into your HDD or USB and so on.

Hope that helped!

ugh i need to get to 50 :confused:


Can i get banned?