Black Ops Unlimited XP Glitch

Text tut:


  1. Go into a game of capture the flag.
  2. Choose your class with no weapons
  3. Wait by your flag for an enemy to pick it up.
  4. Kill them and return your flag.
  5. Then the game will freeze and you will be holding your own flag, alough it will be invisible that you have it.
  6. The other team will not be able to ever pick your flag up (untill next match/round).
  7. WITHOUT DYING! Go to thier flag and pick it up.
  8. You will get the pick up, but because your holding your own flag it drops, if u stay ontop of the flag you will pick it up again and so on and so on. (about +1000 every second…)

Source: Spider x Se7ensins

Video Proof:

Awsome! Trying this, Before 3arc patch it

To bad all my classes have guns.

we cant do this if we didn’t do the gold weopon glitch?

DAMM i just made my classes then saw this FxxK SAKES!!! lol

Yeah. Sorry.

I’m mad I didn’t do the glitch is there anyway around this

Maybe there’s a way to mod your load out and corrept it so there is no weapons o.O

Hmm what if your main weapon isnt thare but you have a side arm? i have like 3 classes like that -.-

No it has to be COMPLETELY clean, also I was just doing this with my friend. It works.

o_0. Possibly!

**** im banned so I can’t do this. oh well this game sucks anyway :smile:

Yeah does anyone know if theirs a way to corrupt your Clas so it appears clean? or wipe it by itself?

Yeah it does. It is only good to mod ;0

Wasnt their a class maker for Mw2? so in theroy wouldnt it be possible to find the code for the “No Item” Equiptment in Black ops, and change a class to that, the same way you did in Mw2? or do the classes save diffrent now? Sorry i dont have a lot of experience modding Black ops or Mw2.

man i wanna try it :anguished:

I don’t think so.

Sounds Hard But if it works then that would be awesome

NICE find, although i dont have the PREglitch lol

Nice way to get banned…