Black Ops XEX Patcher

Easily change dvars in a decompressed default_mp.xex!
Current Version: 1.02/1.2 (Technically 1.1 since I messed up xD)
-Added Hardline Modifier
-Added See Through Walls
-Added Super Lightweight
-Added Paintball Mode
-Minor UI Changes

-Easy to use GUI
-Easily decrypt/decompress your default_mp.xex
-Change basic dvars

Coming Soon:
-Other dvars like frame counter, etc.
-More visions mods.
-TU2 Support
-Single Player Support
Please download via MegaUpload, I’d like to get more points to upload :smile:

Virus Scan:

NOTE:The XexTool packed with the app may detect as a threat with some anti-viruses. I assure you these are false positives. Most likely because it decompresses the xex to binary in CMD. If you don’t trust it, delete the file within the folder and use X360 Gamehack.

you’re a beast. thanks (: can’t wait.

Thanks dude this is going to be fun!

Very nice man, can’t wait to check this ****.

Nigga you work quick. lol

What did you code it in? C#, C++, VB?

C# sir.


Sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky stickyyyyyyyy.

Since something like this has such high demand, I’ll sticky for now. Very nice. :smile:

Very nice, looks clean simple and effective. :smiley:

Very nice program, looks good. Nice job on the sticky as well.

Does Diamond only matter? I don’t care, it’s just a matter of what you guys want to give everyone else

For jtag only correct?

And I just started formatting my PC… gawdammit.

I’m on my laptop now. Will try this out when my PC is finished.

Nice work!

Edit: Will you be adding more modifications at some stage?

Yes since it’s direct xex editing.

very nice worked for me, and u did work fast. I remember seeing ur post 1st when u started making this tool.

I like giving stuff like this to everyone.

Correct sir.

I actually started 3 hours ago.
I scrapped the old one.


omg ty