Black Ops XP Boosting Glitch with only 2 people! [After Patch]


Black Ops XP Boosting Glitch [After Patch]


1v1 boosting glitch:

  1. Have a friend invite you to player match

  2. Go to edit player card. Hit “B” and hover over “Save and Exit”

  3. Have friend switch Lobby to Private Match. In Private Match have them edit game
    options to Time Unlimited and score 30,000.

4.Now change the game mode to Demolition. Be sure to change map to Nuketown now. Edit nothing else.

5.Now have friend switch to Theater mode

  1. Have friend back out. You will get a message say lobby has been closed. Just hit “A”.
    (If done correctly at the moment they back out you should briefly see a loading screen in the background)

  2. Invite your friend back to the lobby. You should be seeing Player Match as the friend you invited back should be seeing Theater.

  3. Once they re enter the lobby, wait a few seconds then switch lobby to Wager Match and quickly back to Player.
    (Also it is simpler if you just hover over wager match then tap “A” three times fairly quickly)

  4. Wait a few seconds and the lobby will begin, with only the two of you.
    (Again if “Need more players to balance teams” is shown then you will need to back out and get invited back.)

6 people boosting glitch:

Make sure you and your friend search for the gametype you want to boost in before you run the process, the best is demolition also for many gametypes you need 6 people so make sure you do

1.Have you and your glitch buddy search a demolition game and back out when it starts then

2.Have your friend invite you to player match

3.Tell your friend to switch to Combat training and put nuke town , score limit 30,000

4.Right after he or she does that Hit create a class in combat training hover over a gun

5.Than tell your friend to back out and then you have to press be to leave the custom class screen

6.Invite your friend or friends who want to boost

7.Switch to Wager, hit find match, than switch to player match immediately

8.Then it should start a game if 6 people are in the game lobby

9.It will be team death match in nuke town than after that game it will turn to locked demolition lobby

Video of me doing it:]

Are you 100% Sure this works ?

it’s working well, it has been posted several modding website, nice copy & paste.


Or did u just copy&Paste

It will be patch real soon now, thanks to YouTube.

Iv’e been doing it for about an hour now, seems to work well you even saw me doing it in video

YouTube - the gateway to developers patching glitches and bugs much quicker than what they should do.

Yep and thats why I posted the vid to stop boosters :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: this still works

Didnt This get patcheD?

Hey man if you want to do that and have on one, I would be glad to boost

This works but you get reset they know if you do it my friend was reset immeditately

yeah dont do this i got reset like 5 min after i was done

Yep I just went from 37-41 and when I ended it me and my friend went back down to 37. It works but just an instant reset. So theres no real point to this. Probably put [Patched] at the top of this thread or something. Found this a huge waste of time.

people are stupid, to stop boosting there is a XP cap, you cant earn more then 10,000 XP in one game, and i wouldnt suggest going close to that because then you might get flagged, play, boost, stop at around 9,000 XP

This Works, but will be patched soon :anguished:

I’ve gotten 60k+ in 1 match online legit before. Explain that?
Edit: If you say its 10k i boosted 6k and didn’t earn it. Your still full of crap dude.

Lol. thank you! haha thanked :thumbsup: