Black Ops zombie mods(Save Game)

These aren’t the best mod’s but they are online & you can teleport your friends by pressing LT + RT

With this game save put your profile ID’s to your’s and then continue campaingn.

It will have a messed up main menu so you need to get a friend to go into zombies and you join his session After you saved and quit.

Once your joining it will freeze your Xbox so you need to wait like 3 Minutes for it to unfreeze.

Then ask him to leave and you can go host.

This if offline at the time but you get to play on new maps (besides moon)

Credit to : Generate from TTG

Auto start zombies. from campaign
God mode
No clip
Unlimited ammo (most guns not all)
Paintall mode
Perk mods
Bullet tracers
FOV set to 85
Weapon selection
Walking and running speed
Burst weapons full auto with double tap

Download : -ACTIVEz- SVG BLOPS.rar | Game Front


  1. On your computer open up horizon (or any program that works for you).

  2. Then go to your games, right click and inject file also go to Title Updates and inject TU8 (I’m using horizon)

  3. Find the svg you want to inject (Five, Kino etc.)

  4. Once thats done you can unplug your usb from your computer.

  5. Now on your xbox move both the TU8 and svg over to your xbox (it’s easier)

  6. Once that’s done start up Black Ops

  7. Choose campaign and resume.

8.Enjoy :smile: it will auto load the svg for the map chosen…ex pick ascension>resume campaign> auto loads ascension

Controls for all SVG’s

Simple lol

Start is god mode

Back is no clip

The rest of the mods will come when you start to play

is this legit or what???

Yes but you have to put tu 8 on your xbox

just tried it and it doesnt work – tried to open svg in modio and got errors

the only thing thats there is

New Game
Mission Select

EDIT:::: after messing around i got it to work after injecting my profile information which the OP forgot to mention


Very nice!

A little sad this only works on TU8 but it’s cool I guess. :smile:

really helpful nice tut mate :smile:

I would think any body who mods would know to do that…

y no moon, also, AWESOME

Because this was a jtag bind but then it got patched in TU 8

EVERY time I click resume game it starts the game from the start, no zombies :anguished:

yea i dont mod everyday and im sure some of these here would agree with me that if you make a tut you dont leave out a step

Did you put TU 8 on your xbox?

Where would i be able to find the title update 8?

edit: never mind I downloaded the file and found it.

these mods are annoying — everytime i move i get the death machine - i know its cool and all to have unlimited death machine but dang man i want other guns not just 1 gun and a death machine

Looks decent.

Thanks for releasing this :smile:

AIM me at TheProizHere I think I might of got moon to work.

if you got moon to work then i will kiss your ballz (NO HOMO)