Black Ops Zombies DVAR List

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Hello XboxMB, I’m here today to give you all of the DVARS I put into my Zombies Mods. Some people put tracers in their but I Can Not figure it out. I will leave Credit to anyone who can help me with that problem. So here you go all the BO DVARs I could Find and Use.

Zombies Float up when dead:
[phys_gravity 99

Infinite Ammo:
player_sustainAmmo 1

Drop Weapon:

Toggle Game Speed:
toggle g_speed 100 200 500

Promod Toggle:
cg_fov 80 105 65 5

No Clip Toggle:

Zombies Cant See you:

give minigun_zm

Toggle Map Visions:
toggle r_colorMap 1 2 3 0

Reload Super Fast:
perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.001

Jump High (Only Slightly Higher):
jump_height 999

God Mode:

Sprint Forever:
player_sprintUnlimited 1

Knife From Far Away:
set player_meleeRange 999

Give All:

Give Ammo:

Stick Grenades:
grenadeRestThreshold 999

bind dpad_right
bind dpad_down
bind dpad_left
bind dpad_up
bind button_rstick
bind button_lstick
bind button_b
bind button_y
bind button_x
bind button_a
bind button_lshldr
bind button_rshldr
bind button_rtrig
bind button_ltrig

Oh! And here is a Link to a GPD I made! I will be making a seperate post on it later but for now tell me what you think!

MediaFire GPD DL:[/b]

how do i use this

You have to find a Black Ops save editor, then open your save and edit the DVAR’s

can someone make a video please