Black Ops Zombies Gsc Mod Menu For Xbox 360

And how do i get this?

This is old and people said it did not work

You post old **** that most of the is doesn’t work, why do you post it.

this was posted on youtube last week…

This was posted on ttg last week

exactly, cuz he (person’s video) posted it on ttg last week. and hasn’t been on this site yet.

1 week doesn’t make something old

just saying

Even if it was posted i remember trying this but it was a fail and never worked i tried over 4 time’s, i was wondering if her knew any better of it he has done it.

Oh look more black mods that will get you banned.

Jay let me fixes that for you.
You will get banned and they don’t work.

this is system linking with jtag… you normally do that stuff offline

Am saying what jay said and i fixes what he said and they don’t work and am done with this post pick

Who gives a ****. Nothing to argue over here. If they don’t work, everyone will figure that out for themselves.

I post “old ****” this was posted like a week ago. And I’m pretty sure you just asked me for it.

a few things i would like to clarify…one. this is NOT that old…a week ago…OOOOHHHH NOOO!!! a week old! two. this works perfectly fine, it took me a little bit of time to get to work, but in the end it worked. if someone wants some help i am willing to try and help them but dont go and say it doesnt work, this is old **** you. take some time to do stuff on your own, then again i am willing to help if you are really stuck. seeing that i had some problems and fixed them i know mostly what to tell you to do.