Black Ops

can someone upload a installed file of black ops. i have the disc but its messed up so im trying to see if it can work this way

It won’t work as the installed game data is signed to the console it’s installed on. You could borrow the game from someone, or rent it from somewhere and install it that way.


Why not try eBay ? Cheaper.

hey guys can u help me on this on horizon gamerpic thing I try to get the family guy pack but it wont pop up any pics and on gta 4 is there a way to get the tmnt costume mod ?

It’d be best to create your own thread pertaining to your problem. Be as detailed as possible and I’m sure someone will help you out.

The title ID for the Family Guy pack is 544607d7.
As for the GTA 4 thing, no, it’s not possible with Horizon.

As stated above, next time, just create your own thread as you will more than likely get more replies.

thanks for helping I was trying to make a thread but I don’t know how D:

For future reference, just go to the specific forum you’d like to post in (i.e Horizon Support), then click “Post New Thread”:

From there you can enter in the details/description of the thread: